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Josh Shank is the Founder and Creative Director of Rocket Republic, a design agency working with networks and churches to build online presence and craft grassroots marketing campaigns. He is also the founding pastor of Youngstown Metro Church in Youngstown, OH. Josh has consulted with a wide range of clients that encompass large organizations & networks as well as church startups. Josh works alongside Aimee, his high school sweetheart, wife, and business partner. They live in Youngstown, OH along with their two little girls. Josh has a love for all things #culture #design and #trending, but his true drive is spreading a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples.

Creative Director of Rocket Republic

Why and how to use Amazon S3 for your sermon audio

Amazon should be your go to for storing media and sermon audio. Here is why and how you can set it up.

Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as Amazon S3 is an online storage service. It is cheap and easy to use. And since it’s a service provided by e-commerce giant Amazon, you can be rest-assured whatever you stored at S3 is secured.

There are several reasons why you should be using it for your sermon audio:

  1. Amazon s3 is an extremely cost effective way to host your audio files online. There are no initial charges, no setup costs, and you only pay for what you use.
  2. Your files will be be backed up with unparalleled security.
  3. It will be much easier to switch your website to a new platform or new design if all your sermon audio is on S3.

Here is a step by step guide for getting started.

First go to the Amazon s3 landing page. This will give you an overview of the service and give you the opportunity to sign up or sign in.

amazon s3 landing page

Next, Sign in or create an account.

amazon s3 sign in or make new account

After you sign in, click on the s3 service link. 

amazon s3 choose s3

The first step will be to create a bucket. Think of this bucket as a folder. 


Give your bucket a name and choose the location. Then click create.


Click on your new bucket and then create a folder. After your folder is created, right click on the folder and select “Make Public.” This is very important because if you don’t make it public, then people won’t be able to listen or download.


Once your folder is created, you can begin uploading audio. After you upload the audio, you can then copy the link so that you can paste it into your content management system.


The last step is copying the link into WordPress. If you are using the Blubrry WordPress Plugin, you will paste the link in here.

blubrry-plugin-urlIf you want to bulk upload or save time, then use an FTP program. 

My personal favorite is ExpanDrive. This program allows you to mount your Amazon S3 account to your computer and use it like you would any other external hard drive.

I hope this helps. Happy uploading!

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