Expand your reach: How to set up a sermon podcast on iTunes

The following is a tutorial that will show how to set up a sermon podcast on iTunes using WordPress and a handy plugin called Blubrry.

Here are some of the top reasons you should set up a sermon podcast on iTunes.

  1. Creating an iTunes Podcast is free.
  2. iTunes has the largest Podcast directory.
  3. iTunes is the preferred place for Podcast discovery.
  4. More people will listen to your sermons because an iTunes podcast makes it easier for them to do so. There are many apps for listening to Podcasts. Check out Podcasts and Pocket Casts 

So, let’s get started…

First, install the Blubrry Powerpress plugin for WordPress. This will automate the Podcasting creation process.

*Note to Rocket Republic clients: we have already done this for you.

install blubrry podcasting plugin

After installing the plugin, you will want to create several posts with attached audio.

Create a post and insert the link to your sermon. Make sure your audio is in .mp3 format. You can upload your sermon to the WordPress media library, but it is best to host your audio files on Amazon s3. Check out Why and how to use Amazon S3 for your sermon audio for more info on file hosting.

add an audio post

Click on the Blubrry Settings and make sure you are in simple mode. Then fill out all of your basic podcast information. Make sure you include Podcast artwork that is at least 1400px by 1400px

podcast in simple mode

Next, locate the feed being generated by Blubrry. Click on advanced mode > feeds >

Note to Rocket Republic clients: We have fully customized your website and created a special category and feed for you. Please contact us for that link. 


Now that you have the feed being generated by your site, it is time to test the feed.

You can test the feed by opening iTunes. From the file menu, choose subscribe to Podcast. Enter your podcast feed URL in the text box and click ok. If you can successfully download and play the episode in iTunes, then your feed is working and you can submit it to the iTunes store.

subscribe to podcast feed

Now that you feed is set up and tested, you are now ready to submit your feed to the iTunes directory by clicking the submit a podcast in the podcast quick links section.


After the link is submitted, you will be sent an email with the link location of your Podcast. Insert that link back into your site on whatever page you want to display your Podcast subscription link. You can also copy it directly from iTunes.

Note to Rocket Republic clients: We style the button for you and create a custom field for that specific link. This field will either be on the sermons page or on the site options page.