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By Josh Shank

Josh Shank

Josh Shank is the Founder and Creative Director of Rocket Republic, a design agency working with networks and churches to build online presence and craft grassroots marketing campaigns. He is also the founding pastor of Youngstown Metro Church in Youngstown, OH. Josh has consulted with a wide range of clients that encompass large organizations & networks as well as church startups. Josh works alongside Aimee, his high school sweetheart, wife, and business partner. They live in Youngstown, OH along with their two little girls. Josh has a love for all things #culture #design and #trending, but his true drive is spreading a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples.

Creative Director of Rocket Republic

A Night in DC

Here are a couple of shots that I took on our recent trip through Washington DC.

The founding of a new world both beautiful and flawed /  As I stand here I feel a  mixture of both sadness and awe / We glorify the past or vilify with a re-write / Fight or flight, but not tonight, my sight is on a city in need of rest / When power and influence fade, you remain.

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