POST / 4.20.16

Passion Miami Nights

Over the past three months we have had the privilege of calling Miami home. The warm air, beautiful beaches, and…
POST / 2.3.16

Best Practices Guide to Snapchat for Churches

First of all, what is Snapchat and how popular is it now? Snapchat is a social messaging app used to…
POST / 1.12.16

Tools We Use to Run a Productive Creative Agency

What tools does it take to run a productive boutique creative agency? To kick off 2016, we wanted to take…
POST / 11.9.15

20 Branding Questions for Every Organization on Mission

What is branding?  It’s a buzz word, and one of those words that can easily mean everything and nothing, all…
POST / 10.6.15

Introducing Neuestock: Free photos for non-profit and personal use

We are excited to be launching a new initiative of Rocket Republic called Neuestock. It is free stock photography site…
POST / 9.22.15

A plan for free publicity

Community bulletin boards can be a really inexpensive and effective way to spread the word about your church in your…
POST / 6.9.15

Advice to a younger me on planting a church in Youngstown, OH

10 years ago I started a church in Youngstown. Here is the top advice I would have given a younger…
POST / 6.4.15

Why and how to use Amazon S3 for your sermon audio

Amazon should be your go to for storing media and sermon audio. Here is why and how you can set…
POST / 5.25.15

Exponential Photos

Here are some images I shot for Exponential at the 2015 Conference in Tampa, FL.